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You Will Discover Why a Top Marketer Like John Thornhill
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that Keith Uses to Build His Business!

From: The Offices of Keith Purkiss & John Thornhill

Dear Business Builder,

In reality you aren't likely to setup your business one day and start making thousands of dollars the next. (If you do would you drop me an email and tell me how?)

It takes time and it takes work - anyone who doesn't tell you that is misleading you.

I'm John Thornhill, You may have heard of me? And yes - I've been online a lot of years and learnt how to build a business with a very large turnover. It didn't come overnight - it took a lot of years of hard work to get to where I now help others through my various coaching programs!

So let me tell you - When I saw that Keith Purkiss had built a business right up to a mailing list of 19,543 readers in a little over a year....
I WAS IMPRESSED enough to want to know HOW!

The good news is that Keith was HAPPY to share his system, and he'll explain more below...

But let me ask you a question..

If you carry on doing what you do now
will you ever make any money?

Has this happened to you?

Have you bought a product that appears to be the answer to your dreams? †Finally the short cut to internet riches is yours. †But then you downloaded it had a quick look at it, decided it wouldn't work for you and went on to the next sales page?

I personally know people who've kept spending money month after month, even year after year, until they finally gave up.

Does it seem like just one of those things that you have to endure, because you're building your business, you have a dream, a goal to make money from the internet?

You can already picture a future with less stress, more money and those extra holidays can't you?

Well imagine for another moment how much quicker these things could happen IF....

If you could access tools that would help you build your business faster and easier so you can get on the path to success.


Think about how much less time it will take to realise your goals
of having that extra income now - and not in 6 months time!

What If I Can Show You A Way
To Build Your Business For Free..

What If I Can Show You A Way
To Save Time And Effort..

Would that make your picture of a more comfortable future more vivid?
Would it bring your dreams closer with the money you could save to use in other areas of your business?

Are you already excited by the prospect of not having to spend all your time struggling to get results and being able to do the things you really want to do?

If you're not yet - You will be!

Let me hand over to Keith to Explain.

Thanks John. Keith here. I'm thrilled to have John as a partner on this project as he has added even more value to what I'm about to share with you....

So please keep reading....

Because you're about to discover a system that no guru has told you about yet!

Man Sush

Acting now you will become one of a small group of people I've shared†this with.

What I can tell you is that is is Amazingly Simple.

Anyone can do this 100% Legally without breaking any rules.

And when you see the simplicity, you'll wonder why nobody has done this before.

I'm delighted to tell you....

...Because you've been misinformed and misled, force-fed thousands of pages of useless information, the same information that is directly blocking you from living the life you want.

I should know... because I have been breaking free from the same information myself, by leveraging my knowledge to build an underground system that the "gurus" do not want you to have.

Are you sick of all the big names dominating Internet Marketing and sharing out the profits amongst themselves?

Do you feel that you cannot compete against them because they are so far ahead now that the little guys like you and me just don't have a chance?

Have you struggled for months, or even years to build your online business and been drip fed a bit at a time from over hype products that probably arent even used by their creators?

Well here's your chance, so read on and find out exactly how you can grab the tools I use myself everyday to build my business so that it runs like a machine.

But first, I need to ask you another question:

Have YOU Struggled For Years Trying To Fit The Pieces Together?

I certainly have - you see, not long ago I was the same as you are now, in fact I was probably worse off than you. I had spent years fighting to succeed in Internet Marketing. Sure, I had a bit of success here and there for a while, but then it faded away again.

Have YOU Bought Many Different Products?

I tried many different methods but nothing seemed to work as well as it said on the sales pages - does that sound familiar - have you been there to?†

Have You Tried Article Marketing?

I spent hours researching and writing articles and six months later I'd only got a handful of views.

You probably know how much you can lose if you get pay per click wrong. It takes a lot of effort researching keywords and adjusting you campaigns. When I finally started getting some results my account was suspended.

Is Free Search Engine Traffic The Answer?

Free traffic has to be good doesn't it? Imagine if you could get a ton of free traffic, think how much you could make then. Unfortunately this is another method that takes a great deal of research and knowledge plus thousands of dollars worth of software to make it work. I don't konw about you but I was beginning to wonder if there really was anyway I could build my list easily.

Then I finally got some results from joining JV Giveaways.

If you don't know what they are then basically its an event where you can give away a free product in return for people signing up to your list.
Yes, at last I could see a method that brought in subscribers and some sales, but it still wasn't easy. †Okay, so nobody is going to just give you a million dollars, right? But do you have to work so hard to get anywhere?

I had no other solid plan so I battled on day after day, month after month entering all the† JV Giveaways I could find and adding a few subscribers at a time. †It took up a lot of my time - signing up for each giveaway, setting up my profile, entering my gift, text ads and special offers. †Then I needed signups via my promo link to rank my gifts higher so had to create emails and send them out, post links on my blog and in forums etc. †The list was almost endless, and I had to repeat the process over and over again, to keep feeding my fledgling business.

But aren't online businesses supposed to be automated so that you can earn money while you sit on the beach drinking champagne? †What I really needed was a way to make it all easier and faster.

That's where I was lucky - I was a computer games programmer for many years so I applied my knowledge to the problems I'd found. I created a series of push button tools over the course of the next six months. Every time I improved my system my results improved as well until I started to get in the top ten of most events.

Push Button Giveaways

This is NOT a Magic Button, it's a unique set of tools to build your business with.

Finally A System YOU Can Succeed With

Now I could have kept this all to myself, but that isn't what internet marketing should be like.
I shared my system and in a couple of months over 2,792 people leapt onboard, it was a runaway success. † If you're not one of those lucky people, then read on and found out how you can get a chance join them...

But back to my story. † I kept pushing away and that's when I started to ruffle†a few feathers. Some people felt their dominance was threatened and banned me from their events. ††

You may wonder why would anyone try to stop people being helped to succeed? †Well they don't want the competition - they don't want you to build your business to a point where you can compete with them. †They want to stick a broken cog in the works of your business machine.


Anyway, I certainly didn't let this stop me, in fact it †propelled me forward. †The fact that I had made this impact meant†I was really getting somewhere. †I got together with my mentor, John Thornhill, and created an even better system using some of his products and knowledge to fill any gaps we could find that might hold you back. †We've put everything into this as we want you to succeed.

Now at last it's finally ready to release, so grab your tools...


Yes, Push Button Giveaways 2.0 is open to you right now, so grab your slice of the Giveaway pie, and don't let anyone stop you from succeeding too.

Here's what other's have said:

A Great Time Saving Idea!

"Hi guys, congrats on coming up with this great time saving idea...I love it

One of the things that put me off using JV Giveaways to build my list was the amount of time and repetitive work.

I'd have to find what events were on, then sign up, edit my profile and then entering my gifts special offer and text ads.

It all takes time that I'd rather spend on the golf course or with my family!

Now at last it can be done quickly and easily thanks to a Push Button Giveaways 2.0

The site is packed with tools, all of which come with a simple to follow video.

This site is ideal for anyone who wants to build their list even if they are starting from zero subscribers.

If I was starting out my internet marketing business again from nothing and needed to start building my list then one of the first things I'd do is join Push Button Giveaways 2.0

Warmest regards"

Craig Dawber

Work Smarter† - Not Harder!

"Giveaways are a GREAT way to build your list , but it can be quite time consuming and boring to join several - but NOT anymore...!!

Push Button Giveaway's is your centre, where
you do the set up once - and save hours of boring work!

I would NEVER have managed to sign up for† all the giveaways I am now in - without your GREAT product.

You saved me a ton of time - Thanks :-)

Well Done Keith & John!


Tina Lindgren

Save Time and Effort!

"I have to say I like the idea of a piece of software to make my life easier.

When you find a method that works you want to make it as easy as possible so automating the mundane tasks is a must.

If you have ever signed up to a JV Giveaway you will more than likely have a folder ready with all the details: Gifts, Text Ads, OTO, Names , Emails, Passwords etc.......

You will then sign up to each giveaway and add all your details. When you want to sign up to another event you have to start again and add all your details, and so on and so on, each and everytime you join a new giveaway.

Well not any more with PBG2. You add all your details once and when you join a new giveaway it is all automated. So this has saved me so much time and effort I can concentrate on other aspects of my business.

Well done Keith and John for producing such a time saving piece of kit.

Cheers Craig!"

Craig Sowerby

My List Is Growing Day After Day...

"Hi Keith and John,

As you know, when I joined Push Button Giveaways I had a list of absolutely zero but just 5 days later and after only joining 3 events as a free contributor, Iíve already built my list to 14.

That may not sound much compared to what the guruís claim you can do, but it's clear that this is a real system that works and since joining the remaining events inside PBG2, my list is growing steadily day after day.

Itís a fantastic product you've created and even for someone brand new to list building from giveaway events as I was, I found it very easy to use. I can join a new event and have my profile, gifts, text ads and special offers on the site within a few minutes. I can't imagine what it must have been like doing that manually for event after event but I think I'd have lost the will to live after doing the second or third one.

Apart from that though, the fact that you can earn some money from having various affiliate banners displayed on your blog or website generated by PBG2 is a bonus to building a list and since I've been using it, there have been several features added to the software to make it even better. I can tell you guys are committed to improving your product.

Getting started online can be really hard so if you still donít have a list then I would definitely recommend you to grab Keith & Johnís Push Button Giveaways tool and start building your list and your business today the easy way."

Chris Shaw

A very very useful resource!

"Hi Keith & John,

PBG2.0 - Love It!
Anything that saves me heaps of time while allowing me to build my business has got to be seriously looked at!

What's more - with your easy to follow set up videos, I actually managed NOT to get lost and confused! (that does happen a lot with things that are supposed to automate stuff for me)

But hey - I guess the proof is in using PBG2.0 - It simply works and I've added subscribers to my lists! (and with such a miniscule amount of effort!!)

Cheers for a very very useful resource!"

Randy Smith

My Number One Resource!

"Hi Keith & John,

I set my sights back on list building this week, and PBG was my #1 resource!

What I LOVE about Push Button Giveaways 2.0:

1. I never have to wonder what the latest JVs are. Push Button Giveaways collects that info for me, and keeps it updated. Very valuable.

2. I only have to set up my gifts ONCE! It's amazing to come back to the tool after a hiatus, and find all my gifts still defined in there. I don't have to re-think the copy - it's all saved.

3. My personal profile info is saved - I don't have to come up with copy from scratch.

4. Push Button Giveaways makes list building via giveaways a scaleable and standardizable process. I can easily outsource to my V.A., and focus on other parts of my business!

Thanks again!


Bolaji Oyejide

A 'Must Have' Tool!

"Hi Keith & John, I'm loving Push Button Giveaways 2.0.

Building a list using giveaways just became a whole lot easier and for anyone starting to build a list using giveaways this is a 'must have' tool.

I've recently started using the software and with in a matter of minutes I had entered the latest giveaways with ease and already I'm building a list of subscribers.

You make everything so easy with your in depth video tutorials and tasks such as setting up gifts, special offers and text ads are so simple.

I love the way how everything is automated, how you can keep track of the giveaways you have entered and how you can store all of your details in one place.

Push Button Giveaways 2.0 comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me and I urge anyone either starting to build a list or adding to their lists to get their hands on this 'must have' resource immediately.

Thanks again Keith & John,


Lee Scott

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To Your Success

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Don't forget there's a full 60 day guarantee so you can grab your tools and start building your business today at ZERO RISK.


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